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Last updated 11:23 PM on 12 October 2017
Winners of the contest


Winners of the 2017 Korean Performance Contest!


On Wednesday 13th September,  Year 11 Korean Beginners students competed against 296 contestants in The 2017 Korean Performance Contest, hosted by the Korean Education Centre, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea.





The prize winners in the Korean performance division were Emily Bochno (1st Prize Winner, a round-trip plane ticket to Seoul, Korea), Selina Sosa (3rd Prize winner, $200 voucher), and Hannah Sheaffe (Participation award, $50 voucher). The prize winner in the Artwork division was Hannah Prenzler (3rd prize winner, $100 voucher).




The contest was open to all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 who are participating in school-based Korean language learning. The aim of this contest is to encourage students (Background or Non-background) who are learning Korean as a foreign language or a second language. The contest aims to make learning the Korean language more enjoyable and inspiring, by providing learners with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge through performance and to enjoy the performance of others.



Winner 1


Winner 2


Emily Bochno Hannah Prenzler


Winner 3

Hannah Sheaffe


The subject, content and form of the performances and the art work must be related to Korean culture, for example, Korean traditional dance, musical performance, dramatic performance, Taekwondo, K-pop dance, K-pop song, performing a skit etc. The final stage contestants need to explain their works for up to 2-3 minutes in Korean before their performance.


Winners of the contest      Students waiting to perform