Our Languages

We offer a variety of the most widely spoken languages of the world!

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Click on the name of the language below to view or print a language brochure.


Chinese (pdf 280 KB)

ESL (pdf 208 KB)

French (pdf 1121 KB)

German (pdf 1408 KB)

Indonesian (pdf 1057 KB)

Italian (pdf 1409 KB)

Japanese (pdf 5316 KB)

Korean (pdf 1090 KB)

Latin (pdf 947 KB)

Modern Greek (pdf 1051 KB)

Portuguese (pdf 1073 KB)

Portuguese (Brazil) (pdf 938 KB)

Russian (pdf 1377 KB)

Spanish (pdf 873 KB)


For more information about the courses and requirements for each language, click on the name of the language on the left side of the screen.


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